Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Strategy (RES)

Renewable energy is key to our low-carbon energy future. We need to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as diversify our energy sources. As part of this move to a low-carbon economy, we need a dramatic change in renewable energy use in electricity, heat and transport.

The UK has signed up to the EU Renewable Energy Directive, which includes a UK target of 15 percent of energy from renewables by 2020. This target is equivalent to a seven-fold increase in UK renewable energy consumption from 2008 levels: the most challenging of any EU Member State. While such an increase is ambitious, and will be challenging, the Department is fully committed to meeting the target.

Department of Energy and Climate Change


Acorn MPS are committed to helping their clients choose the best solution for their heating and ventilation requirements. As well as reducing costs through minimising energy consumption we also take account of carbon emissions and the type of energy used. An important part of our energy selection is whether the energy used is sustainable and renewable.

Our strategy as a business, which supplies and installs heating plant to major consumers, is one of renewable energy wherever viable and practical for the clients operation.

 Acorn MPS have invested heavily in moving forward in the Biomass boiler approach to renewable energy and have recently completed a major installation for the University Hospitals of South Manchester at Wythenshawe Hospital.